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Card Grading

Card Grading:
  - Mint/Near mint: 
This card shows little to no wear. It may have a light scratch, small nick, or barely noticeable border wear. 

- Slightly played: 
This card will show visible minor wear. It may have a few edge nicks or a lightly worn corner. 

- Medium Played: 
This card will show obvious wear. It may have multiple edge nicks and whitening along the edges, but no major defect. It may have a light bend noticeable only on close inspection. 

- Heavily played: 
This card will show heavy wear. It may have all edges whitening ( whithening on all edges) and surface probably shows wear. It may have a moderate bend, light crease or water mark, but still playable with a sleeve without noticing. 

- Damage:
This card is NOT tournament legal ( the judge may decide otherwise ). No card will be added to this category if it does not have significant value. YOU CAN FIND A SCAN IN THE ITEM SECTION. 

- Stamps:
Cards bearing a Tournament Stamp are downgraded of one category.
( ex.: Near mint will be Slightly played, Slightly played will be Medium played, etc. )